Are you curious about your instrument's value?

Are you curious about your instrument's value?

Since 2013 Amati has helped thousands of clients realise the value held in their antique violins, cellos, violas and bows.

Our Specialists can help you discover who your instrument was made by, and recommend an auction value.

Complete the form to reserve your appointment at one of our valuation day events. We shall look forward to meeting you and your instrument!

No subscriptions. No commitments. Just a Free Valuation.

Meet the Specialists

Simon Howes

Simon studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and now has a successful career as a professional violinist. He travels the world recording and performing with all manner of different ensembles and artists.

About us

A team with 20 years experience

Other valuation options

The violin sitting in your attic or lying under your bed was once treasured by someone and could be worth a lot of money today. Even bows can be worth a lot of money and valuation days can often reveal some very special violin or cello bows.

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The widow of a well-known Eastern European violinist brought us his violin to value. We knew straight away that the instrument was a good one – it had a gorgeous back of oppio wood, a reliable indicator of quality.

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There were a number of makers who could have made the violin, so extensive research was necessary and the research took some time.

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Eventually, the violin was sold for a good price and the client was very happy. I think she enjoyed the relaxed and informal nature of the valuation day. She also appreciated the care we took with our research on her instrument.

Why do we value instruments for free?

We are often asked why we offer free stringed instruments valuations. The simple answer is because some people wish to sell their items and we hope they will sell through us. There is, of course, absolutely no obligation, expectation or assumption from us that this will be the case.

We are happy for people to request a valuation because they want to learn more about the instrument’s origin. We understand that many people become very attached to their items, particularly if they have played them for a long time, or the item has been in the family for generations. We also understand that it makes people feel better to own something beautiful and valuable.

However, there are often times when you might feel that a sale is either necessary or desirable. You may no longer play your instrument, or you need the money, or there is no one who wishes to play the family violin. Whatever the reason, the decision to sell will always be your decision.

And, if you do choose to sell, be assured that we at Amati will respect and care for your instrument throughout the auction process, and do our utmost to get the best possible price for it.

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